We can provide Electronic Security Systems for CCTV Surveillance Systems, Digital Video Recorders, Door Communication Systems, Home Automation Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, RFID Access Control Systems, Stand Alone Door Locks, Biometric Access Control Systems, Electronic Barriers, Guard Monitoring Systems, Metal Detectors, Currency Counting Machines, Security Software Solutions.

We’ll offer an excellence solution 

we have burly relationships with guiding brand hardware producers and will supply the hardware, networking, CCTV security solutions and security system which are most suited to our requirements, at possible prices.

We’ll take full liability for the entire system 

If things need awareness or don’t work as they should, there will be no blame or suspension to other suppliers. Because we have supplied, make up and installed the whole system, we will support the complete system.

We’ll explain problems promptly 

If objects do go wrong, because we know every part of the system and have a full team of experts in all regions on hand, we’ll be able to put it right: hastily proficiently and efficiently we use some of the newest cloud technology to fully preserve, manage and support our system.

We set free full upholding and support 

Through no squabbles. With extraction a support agreement with Concentric or organizing Intuition Managed IT services, our team of consultants will be convenient to support with technical queries and give guidance

We recognize what we’re doing 

Eagle Eye cctv technical staff is extremely experienced. What’s further we have an excellent team: from frontier support staff to programmers, developers, and hardware, network and telecoms experts on hand to exactly evaluate our needs.